(Note: This one has been tricky to track down, someone is making a really good effort into erasing all evidence of this guy.)

NAME: Josef Greenberg; ALIAS: Spectre; BORN: 2046-05-03; SIN: Not available
OCCUPATION: Unaffiliated Expert Consultant (Shadowrunner); STATUS: Missing


FATHER: Michael Greenberg (Note: Corp. middle-manager)
MOTHER: Samantha Greenberg (Note: Nurse)
OLDER SISTER: Rachel Richards (DECEASED) (Note: died in the riots following the crash of ‘64)
OLDER BROTHER: Frank Greenberg (Note: Corp. wage-slave)
YOUNGER SISTER: Lisa Greenberg (Note: Medical student)
GRANDFATHER: Isac Greenberg (DECEASED) (Note: Awakened occult researcher)

(Note: We are not sure if these people are Josef’s real family, all evidence of a second son has disappeared from citizen databases. And our investigations have shown that there is no contact between Josef and his family.)


The man called Spectre entered our radar back in ‘68 when he was part of a corporate shadow division specialized in wetworks and corporate security. Before this there is little known about him, except a few tidbits of information gathered from his colleagues before they died:

Josef Greenberg was raised by his grandfather Isac, an occult researcher who awakened back in ‘11. He trained his grandson in the magical arts and initiated him into the Qabbalistic Tradition. Isac Greenberg died in ‘63 when Josef was 17 years old, a year before the crash.

When the second Matrix crash hit Josef disappeared for a few years and emerged again in ‘68, now a full-fledged magician working for the corporate shadow division. His SIN was lost in the confusion following Crash 2.0 which suits him fine in his line of work.

When the purging of the division was initiated in ‘70. Josef Greenberg disappeared once again with the only other survivor, a hacker called “Firefly”. (Note: This “Firefly” is most likely responsible for the erasing of information in databases, but all of my efforts to track him down has led me nowhere.)

Josef emerged once again in ‘71 under the alias “Spectre”, offering his services as a magical support specialist working the shadows. The training he received from both his grandfather and his time as corporate hitman has proved to be very coveted by those that wish to hire the services of shadowrunners.

(Note: Once again much of this is speculation and hearsay since no official records exist of this guy.)


Josef’s closest contact seems to be the hacker called “Firefly”, but they rarely meet and when they do they are both very secretive about it. They worked together during their time in the corporate shadow division.

Josef regularly visits an antique bookstore owned by an elderly gentleman named Harold Manning who helps Josef find antique history books and obscure occult literature. Their connection seems to be purely business even if they meet quite often.

The least expected contact that Josef has is that with Lenny Chi a lieutenant in the Chinese Triads. I suspect that Josef got to know him way back and that it was he who helped Josef disappear once the purge began. Nowadays they occasionally exchange information over a cup of tea.


Since the purging of the Corporate Shadow Division he worked for Josef has been hunted by the people who performed the purging and who now work the same job that he did before. The new Division consists of roughly 15 people with varying skills and abilities, here follows a short description of a few of the more notable individuals in the group:

Konstantin Vanyev, the ruthless leader of the group. Said to have worked for Saeder-Krupp but managed to walk away as a free agent, which says quite a lot of his capabilities.

Diego Luca, the group’s magical support. A hermetic mage well versed in the summoning and dealing with spirits.

“Redneck”, the group’s hacker. Don’t let his looks fool you, this fat slob knows his way around the matrix. His real name is unknown, his appetite for fast-food is legendary.

Frigg Taris, an orc weapons specialist. A heavy hitting brawler from the rough side of town with a disturbing fascination in automatic weapons. Often working with No-Lug

No-Lug, a troll ‘nuff said. Big as a truck, dumb as a brick. Works with Frigg Taris.


Josef is a young man in his middle 20’s with short curly black hair and a small mustache. When on the job he dresses in a reinforced longcoat and is mostly seen wearing a pair of expensive sunglasses. It is obvious that he cares about his looks and image.

He is an active follower of Judaism and doesn’t take any jobs during the Sabbath.


Don’t ever ask me to gather information on a non-existent guy again! I’m gonna charge you extra for this one.


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