Ghostwalker Bids You Welcome to Denver

Trash the Body Electric Part 1

It’s been slow on jobs for awhile now and funds are running low. The team is hanging around a bar known as NeoN, as they have been every now and then when it is slow. NeoN isnt the most hip place to be at, and that fits our runners good as they can just hang out, it also fits T Bone’s specific taste in real food and drink.

Said man is just ordering in a new beer when the familiar ARO of an incoming call reaches his imagelink. Has to be job T-Bone thinks to himself as he accepts the call from his fixer contact Miss Law. Pleasantrys are exchanged quick and Law gets down to the point that she has a Johnson inviting T-Bone and associates to dinner to discuss a job at Aspen Chalet down Route 58 to Golden in the PCC sector. T-Bone presents the oppertunity to finally get out of the money drought and the team doesnt seem to mind atleast having a nice dinner.

Ash, the most computerwise member of the team switches to AR to see if she can find anything about this place. Sounds very much like it could be just a truck stop or a rustic B&B but finds that it seems to be a pretty high end place even thou it seems to be a bit far off. The team grab their stuff and starts heading down.

The place dont seem to invite people carring inside as they see the scanners in the doorway so they decide that it is probobly best to leave guns outside as they venture inside. They are greeted by the headwaiter and they mention a reservation in the name of Mr. Johnson and they are guided to a private diningroom in the back. There they find Mr. Johnson sitting down at the table and his presumed bodyguard and Mr Johnson bids them to sit down and order in something to eat so they can get down to buisness.

As the waiters leave the room after giving all there orders Mr. Johnson starts presenting his offer. His wishes is that the runners should do a harassing campagin against a local buisness and presents what he is willing to pay for these services. Silk, the teams ork face, seems to be a bit distracted by the good food but regains her senses and starts negotiations for some better payout which she mange, but not as much as she hoped. But more is good anyway so the team agrees and Mr Johnson continues. The company name is Rocky Mountain Dynamics (RMD) and he passes a overview of the place to the team. He cant give the runners much info, but after all, the runners get paid so little work should they be able to handle. Mr. Johnson stays and answers a few questions before he wishes them good luck and heads out, handing them a pager and a number at wich they can reach him if he hasnt contacted them before the week runs out for final payment.

T-Bone think that it would atleast be a good idea to case the place out for themself so they see what they have to work with and they all agree, Spectre, the teams magic support, will do some recon on the astral plane and Ash will try to see if she can create a backdoor to their local node. Silk and T-Bone sets out to scout the area with their own eyes as both Spectre and Ash slips out and leaving their bodys in the back of their van. Thomas, team heavy and demolitions, sits back and keep an eye out around the van so they dont get jumped. Several boring hours later Ash slips back in her body and says she got a backdoor going into the node but think she needs to fix an upgrade before she will use it so she leaves it for now.

The next day Spectre is nowhere to be found as always on sundays it seems. Without waiting around the team meets up and start to gather some more info and greasing there contacts. Ash manage to get her stealthprogram upgrade from her black marketeer contact Savoy with some “personal favors” involved as she didnt have enough funds at hand. Back to RMD and in the node she goes. Everything didnt work out as smooth as she had hoped, but she managed to get floorplans, personel records and shipment manifests before something terminated her connection to the system. Something must have happened that alerted security. A little paranoid that they had raised suspision about their plans, they bail from the area after Silk’s caralarm somehow manage to be set off even thou noone was close.

Here we leave our brave runners planning their next move starting sometime monday morning, seems like Security Commander Brady Simmons is going to get a wakeup he dont expect…..

To be continued…....


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