Demolition & Heavy Weapon expert.


2100 hours, somewhere within aurora warrens.

Copy of a Comlink conversation.

- Sarge, I see a body in that car wreck. - Delta, get to work, we got a mission to do. - uh Sarge, seems like his moving, he’s been taken some bad hits, and he definitly does like your regulare joe. - Delta, investigate. - ok Sarge.

Sounds of people rushing forwards and setting cover, while waiting for heavy combat.

- Sarge, this is definatly no fucking average joe. - Delta, please explain why the fuck not. - Sarge, It’s looks like a fucking warzone here, bodies riddle with bullets.

shouts for medic can be heard.

- The guy is still alive, even tho he shouldn’t. god damn how fucked up this place looks like.

- Sarge, He’s been packing some real firepower. The M107 is still hot.

- What? a fucking M107, how the fuck did he get that kind of firepower.

- Don’t know Sarge, but i wouldn’t be fucking suprise if this is not a black ops gone to hell.

Some other voice can be heard of the comlink.

- Sarge, Gamma here, we’re taking some heavy fires here.

- Ok Gamma, get the fuck out of there. Delta, get the guy and his equpiment and regroup. Rendevous at 2300 hours at R3.


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